Four Common Ways a Flood can Occur in Your Home

Even if you don’t live right next to a body of water, your home may still be at risk for flooding. There are countless different causes for floods, some natural and some due to improper maintenance or unseen damage. Here are four common ways that a flood can occur in your home:

Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems such as leaks, overflowing septic systems or broken pipes are one of the leading causes of flooding. If a pipe bursts while you are away from home, your house could sustain severe water damage by the time you return. The best way to protect against this problem is to regularly inspect your pipes to make sure they are in good shape, and to have your septic system cleaned according to the recommended cleaning schedule for your type, style and size of septic tank.

Drainage Issues

Drainage problems can be local, such as a clogged rain gutter or a clogged floor drain, or they can be larger scale, such as a clogged storm drain. When water has no place to drain, it backs up and rises. If it gets high enough, it can lead to flooding.

Cracked Foundations

Cracks in your foundation provide the perfect entry point for rainwater. Avoid this problem by inspecting your foundation at least once a year for cracks. Repair any small cracks yourself. For larger cracks, consider hiring a professional to repair them for you.

Heavy Rain

Heavy rain can turn even tiny creeks into dangerous flood threats. If you live close to water, you may want to keep some sand bags on hand in case of flooding. Flash floods from heavy rains can happen in an instant. Being prepared can help minimize damage and protect your home.

These are the four most common types of flooding.  Although it is not always possible to protect your home from a flood, you can reduce your risk of becoming a victim by spending some time on simple home maintenance and regularly inspecting your home for water-related problems.


Hiring a Professional Water Damage Company Is Extremely Important

When people experience water damage, they may think cleaning off their items and wiping away the water is enough. However, water damage can be a much more severe problem that it may look on the surface. It can cause real damage to your home, and it needs to be treated.

Hiring a professional water damage company can help keep your home safe. While it will cost you money, it’ll also save you from paying more costly bills in the future. It can also help you avoid a number of serious issues.

The most serious issue that can be cause by water damage is mold. Mold is a living organism, and it can spread quickly. It can also cause a number of health problems. Mold can be incredibly costly to remove, and is very dangerous to clean away.

However, a professional water damage company knows how to spot mold and get rid of it before it turns into a major problem. They can nip this issue in the bud, saving you from experiencing costly issues in the future.

Another reason you should hire professionals is that they’ll be able to help you with your insurance company. Getting insurance companies to pay up can be a struggle, and it’s important to have as much documentation as you can get. The company will make sure all the damage is documented properly, and will give you something to show your insurance company so that you can get all the money you’re owed.

Anyone whose home is effected by water damage should contact a professional water damage company is worth the cost. It’ll guarantee that a home remains safe and in good condition. It’s absolutely worth the cost, and may wind up saving you quite a bit of money.

How Indoor Carpet Cleaning Keeps Your Air Clean

If you are tired of looking at your carpet because it is so filthy, probably because you have not been vacuuming regularly, or you have not had your carpet cleaner out for quite some time, you might want to consider calling a professional that can help you get this done. Many people shy away from using professional carpet cleaners because it can cost a lot of money. But if your carpet is in a bad state, you could find yourself in a situation where you are unable to get properly cleaned. Here are the reasons that keeping your carpet clean can improve your indoor air.

Removing Dust And Particles

Many people do not understand that even though their carpet looks clean, they actually have a quite a bit of debris in the fibers of the carpet themselves. Over time, this can make the carpet darker, but it can also come out of the fibers, become airborne, and people can breathe this particulate matter. When this occurs, especially people that have a predisposition for developing lung conditions, they may start to cough, wheeze, and experience problems with just participating throughout the day. When your breathing is compromised, you won’t have as much energy, and it’s all because of the dirt, pollen, and other particulates that you are breathing on a regular basis.

Cleaning Your Carpet Regularly

The best way to get rid of all of this particulate matter is to do regular vacuuming, and also do shampooing every couple months. You should have a professional come in if it has been a couple years to make sure that they can deep clean with a professional steam cleaning or chemical cleaning professional grade system that can get everything out. By doing this, people will have a much easier time breathing throughout the year because the particulate matter is no longer there.

The Best 5 Reasons You Should Hire Us As Your Carpet Cleaners

Having a home can be one of the most gratifying things that you can do. That is why you want to keep it as clean as possible. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. The majority of the problem seems to be with those homes that have carpet.

A dirty carpet can ruin a home no matter how clean the rest of it is. A great carpet cleaning service can help with this, though. Lucky for you, that is exactly what we are.

Here are five reasons why you should look into us for your carpet cleaning needs:

1. We have the experience and training. We have been cleaning carpets for years. There is very little that we have not seen or cleaned. We can handle all kinds of carpet types, too.

2. We also have the proper certification that shows that we know what we are doing. We are not some novices that are going to destroy your carpets or your home. We have the professional affiliations that back up our abilities.

3.We are up-to-date on the latest carpet cleaning technology. We use the latest and greatest technology and cleaners that can renew your carpet to its former glory. We don’t ever use improper or harsh chemicals on our clients’ carpeting.

4.Our services are priced fairly. We do not overcharge like some services do. We believe in our services and want to provide them at affordable prices to our clients.

5. Our customers are very important to us. We are a professional cleaning company, and we believe in treating our clients with the utmost respect. We will come out and discuss your carpet cleaning needs no matter how big or small they may be.

As you can see, these reasons are why you should choose us to be your carpet cleaning service. We are a well-trained, professional, affordable, and certified company that can make your carpet look like new again.

5 Cleaning Tips That Can Save You Time!

We all wish we had more time to do the things we enjoy…but more time for cleaning may not be at the top of your list.  We at SmByBest’s Personal Touch actually enjoy helping keep your home clean and tidy.  But, we realize not everyone loves to clean like we do.  So, we’ve compiled a list of 5 cleaning tips that can save you time.  Try each of these and then sit back and relax.

  Burnt, Stuck on Food In a Greasy Pan

Place a dryer sheet in the pot, pan, or skillet.  Add hot water to fill the item and let it sit overnight.  After 6-8 hours you can toss the dryer sheet and easily wipe the pan clean.

  Faucet or Shower Head Doesn’t Spray Properly

Lime and calcium build-up prevents water from going through properly. Get a Ziploc bag and fill it halfway with vinegar.  Place it over the faucet or shower head and tie it there to allow it to sit overnight. The vinegar will eat away at the build-up and your shower is now unclogged!

  Clean The Oven Without the Self-Cleaning Oven Smell

Sprinkle baking soda in the oven and spray vinegar on the baking soda thoroughly.  Let it sit overnight. Spray the vinegar again in the morning and simply wipe it out.

  Toss The Broom

Brooms are old school cleaning methods that stir up allergens in the air.  Get a canister vacuum or small vacuum for hard floors that can reach hard to get places. This saves time and lets the vacuum work for you!  Every pet owner should toss their broom!


Save time and let the cleaning professionals come up with a routine cleaning checklist for your home so that you can spend more time enjoying your home rather than cleaning it!
If you are in the Austin, Round Rock, Houston, or Dallas areas, we would be thrilled if you would let SmByBest’s Personal Touch service your home.  We enjoy taking care of the cleaning so that you and your family can spend time doing what you enjoy.  Please give us a call at (316) 243-9824 or simply click here today.  We look forward to speaking with you!


Before you decide to hand over your rug and credit card number to your local steam cleaning company let’s try this money saving, under a Dollar cleaning trick.
Since we are in and out providing Downtown Austin maid services to many apartments, condos and lofts we’ve noticed two things about rugs….
1.Nearly every Downtown Austin, Dallas or Houston apartment has more rugs than carpet, usually used to add a pop of color or for a sound barrier.

2.Most of our housekeeping services in Austin, Dallas and Houston are based on pet hair clean up more than human hair clean up and we all know pets love rolling on carpets and rugs.

Pet hair has dander, odors and then we add on cooking and living in a small space, or a rug being used for a pop of color in any size room and eventually we will have an odor problem.

Odors stick to soft surfaces. Couches, Comforters, Carpets and Rugs are the biggest odor keepers.

We’ve found that  under a dollar and a minimal effort can not only save you some money, but freshen your space whether your rugs are in a large house or apartment/condo.

Buy Baking Soda
1. Baking soda comes in a small hand held container with holes and you can refill it!
2.Add a teaspoon of your favorite essential oil to the baking soda. Shake the contents and let the mixture marinate at least a few hours before the next step.
3. Sprinkle the baking soda mix generously over the rug and let it sit for at least 4-6 hours. I usually do this overnight when everyone is asleep for the best outcome.
4. Vacuum the baking soda up and empty the contents into the trash right away.  Don’t let the contents sit in your vacuum bag or canister as you will end up redepositing the odors on your next vacuum use.
5. Pour a glass of wine or crack open a Beer because you saved the money and it took no time at all.

Now wasn’t that easy? Now after typing the word Sprinkle a few times I reminded myself of the new Sprinkle Cupcake location in The Domain in Austin that opened up. I may need to treat myself to the ATM Cupcake machine.

You may need to treat yourself to our housekeeping services so that you too can have more time to visit the Domain, and many other of your favorite local hang outs in your city!

Keeping It Clean in 2017: Bathroom Edition

I’ll open with the obvious: No one likes to clean bathrooms. (Well, no one except for these people, who make it their job). Aside from the kitchen, bathrooms are one of the most difficult rooms to keep clean, and also one of the most important. It’s not that the task itself is hard; it’s just that you have to keep doing it. And it’s not exactly fun.

So let’s find ways to make it less painful.

Clear the air.

Out of all the culprits that derail most bathroom cleaning efforts, moisture is the biggest one. It causes mildew, discolors grout, leaves water spots, and make towels smell. Tackle moisture, and you’ll tackle half your bathroom cleaning woes.

• Use a shower squeegee. A couple of extra minutes after a shower to pull excess moisture from the walls will go a long way in keeping your grout dry and mildew-free. And this is much better than cleaning each discolored grout line with an old toothbrush.

• Use a water repellent on your shower doors. That’s right, what works for your windshields can also work for your bath and shower (just make sure to read the instructions). Water repellents help water, soap, and minerals scoot down the drain before they have the chance to linger and cloud your aspirations of a clean bathroom.

• Run the exhaust fan. Your bathroom exhaust fan should be running while you take a shower and for about 20 minutes afterward. Not only will it help prevent mildew from forming on your shower surfaces, but it can also help dry your damp towels, which also suffer.

• Don’t forget the shower curtain. After a shower, make sure to close the shower curtain so that its every surface has access to the air. It will dry much more quickly this way.

Clear your surfaces.

Like any other room in the house, your bathroom could probably use a clutter overhaul. Start with expired medications (dispose of them properly, please), and then work your way from the medicine cabinet down to your cupboards, shelves, and drawers.

Clear your schedule.

Some bathroom cleaning tips are best placed on the calendar. Whether it’s a daily check or a weekly wipe down, a consistent routine will keep the workload down. This doesn’t mean you have to do it all, all the time; in fact, here’s one bathroom cleaning tip every mom should know.

Clear your mind.

Every once in a while, it helps to get help. Which is why it’s perfectly ok to hire a cleaning service every once in a while (here are ten more reasons why you should do exactly that). Even a biannual clean can do more for your bathrooms than you’d ever expect, especially since a professional maid service has the tools, the know-how, and the motivation to make sure your bathrooms get the deep clean they—and you—deserve.

Cleaning for a Reason: Sharing The Love

Here are eight things to consider when helping those with cancer and other long-term illnesses.

1. Send her texts to let her know you are thinking of her.

“I never got tired of seeing texts that said, ‘I’m thinking about you. You don’t have to respond. I just wanted you to know you were on my mind,’” adds McRobbie. “It removed any requirement to return the favor or say thanks or engage if I wasn’t feeling up to it. I could just soak it up.” You can also add funny memes, a random word-of-the-day, or a quick emoji to this list.

2. Make a meal.

Whether you opt for a pre-made frozen dish that can be popped in the oven at her convenience, a simmering crockpot full of ready-to-eat goodness, or gift cards to her favorite pizza place, meals are a great way to extend her ability to care for her family. Make sure you are attentive to dietary needs and restrictions so that your good intentions don’t go to waste.

3. Celebrate the ordinary.

“When your life is turned upside down by a crisis, ordinary feels wonderful. Ordinary feels consistent. Ordinary feels life-affirming,” says McRobbie. Think about what you normally do with her, and find a way to do that. It could be as simple as a hearty hug or a cup of coffee.

4. Be sneaky.

Some women feel guilty for taking help and not being able to reciprocate, for not being able to deliver a heartfelt thank you, for not always fully appreciating the thoughtfulness. By removing your name from the equation, the gift can be just a gift, without the strings of a thank you.

5. Send a card.

Make it funny. Make it heartfelt. Don’t overthink it. Just send one in a bright envelope. It will balance out the medical bills.

6. Listen.

Just. Listen.

7. Don’t wait for her to ask.

Offer. Chances are you’ve known your friend for more than a minute, and therefore know her daily routine, where she shops, and what activities her kids are in. Step up. “Asking for help is hard,” says McRobbie. “It’s much easier to say yes or no.” And how you offer is important, too: “Would it be helpful if I [fill in the blank]?” If your first offers are rejected, let her know that the offer stands even if she may not need it now. Remember, it’s not her job to make you feel helpful and needed. Repeat #3 in the meantime.

8. When she asks, pay attention.

Again, asking for help is hard. Respect the process, confirm what she needs, and then be dependable.

In the end, the most meaningful gestures come from the heart. “Fill your heart with the love you have for your friend, and you will know exactly what to do,” says McRobbie. “I promise.”

When a loved one is in crisis, it’s hard to sit by and do nothing. So don’t. In fact, this is precisely why The Maids became involved with Cleaning for a Reason, a non-profit organization geared toward helping cancer patients rest and recover by donating professional cleaning services. We understand better than most that life gets messy, even without cancer. We believe people should play to their strengths when helping those in need, and we feel compelled as a company to do the same.


How to Make Cleaning Fun Source

Very few people love to clean their house. Many will do whatever they can to get out of dusting, sweeping and doing laundry.Unfortunately, without regular cleaning, dirt, debris and clutter will quickly accumulate, creating much bigger mess. Although it seems impossible, cleaning can be a fun activity. Follow these tips and who knows, you may actually look forward to house cleaning.

Turn up the Music

Music makes even the most dreadful situation more fun. Turn on your favorite radio station, or crank up the volume on the iPod. Upbeat pop and R&B tunes work great for cleaning the house. You will notice a change in attitude, and you will get so into the music that you will forget you are cleaning. The kids may even watch you and get excited about cleaning – a bonus for you.

Turn Cleaning into a Game

Speaking of kids, get them and your spouse involved by turning cleaning into a game. Assign specific tasks to them, such as vacuuming the bedrooms or wiping down countertops, and see who can finish first. If you are alone, you can still make cleaning a fun game. You can set a timer for a specific amount of time and try to beat it. If you win, you can treat yourself to a snack or a few minutes of relaxation.

Catch up with Friends

If you are a busy working professional or a parent, you know “me time” is limited. Cleaning just eats at the time you could be spending with friends and family. Why not do both? Multi-tasking can take your mind off cleaning chores. Invest in a hands-free handset and call your friends to chat while you clean. You will be so wrapped up in your conversation; that you will not realize you are getting caught up on your household chores.

Reward Yourself

Give yourself a reason to look forward to the cleaning day. Treat yourself to something that will motivate you to complete your tasks. It can be a meal at your favorite restaurant, your favorite chocolates, a movie, a book or other small splurge.

 Still Not Motivated to Clean Your Home?

Not even these tips can make cleaning fun for everyone, and that is OK. SmByBest Cleaning Services is here to help. We pride ourselves on exceptional cleaning and customer service. We have been serving clients for more than two decades and we would love to serve you as well. For more information, contact us.

Benefits Of Cleaning Your Home On A Regular Basis Source

The holidays are over for another year. Now the tree needs to be packed away, and left in its place is a month’s worth of dust and a reminder that your home needs a thorough cleaning! The easiest way to tackle your mess is to not let it accumulate at all! Here are some big benefits to keeping your home clean regularly!

  • A clean home, is a healthy home! If you keep up to date with surface cleaning, scrubbing and sanitizing your space there will be little chance for dust, allergens, bacteria, and viruses to accumulate and cause health issues to you and your family. Disinfect high traffic areas like the kitchen and bathroom to reduce mold, mildew and other pathogens from building up and reduce your chance of illness all year round!
  • Get your exercise! Did you know that cleaning counts towards your physical activity? It’s true! Each time you sweep, vacuum, mop and scrub you are using muscles and counting steps! No need to run to the gym when washing windows, and scrubbing sinks gets the heart rate up!
  • Clean kitchen, better nutrition! Did you know that a clean kitchen encourages you to seek out your inner chef and prepare healthier meals in the home rather than opting for take-out? No one wants to cook or eat in a messy kitchen, but a clean and organized space fosters creativity and healthy eating!
  • Reduce your stress! A clean home fosters an environment for rest, relaxation, and stress-free behaviour. It is more inviting to you and your family to sit and enjoy your space, rather than worrying over tidying. If a little bit is done everyday to maintain cleanliness, then there is no stressing over a large cleaning job. Get everyone involved in daily maintenance; if everyone does a little then no one does a lot!
  • Guest-Ready! When your house is always clean and inviting, you are more likely to be sociable and happy because your home will always be guest ready. Prepare to be the hostess with the mostest, as people will feel drawn to your inviting space!

For these tips and more benefits on keeping a clean home, see our link below or contact us at SMBYBEST Cleaning to help get you started on an easy and affordable cleaning regime that will keep your home looking it’s best!